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The School Day

We start at 8.45am and end the day at 3.30pm. Lunch takes place from 12.15-1.30 for KS1 and 12.30-1.30 for KS2.


Children should arrive no earlier than 8.35 am.  They should wait in the school playground until the bell sounds for the start of day and the teachers to let them in through the rear door.  Parents must not enter through this door, but should use the main reception entrance if they need to gain access to the school. 


All pupils should be in their classrooms by 8.45 am. In the event of bad weather children will be allowed into classes early. Children arriving after registers must come into school through the main reception area, and will be marked down as late.




8.45            Bell. School starts


10.40          Bell. Break starts


11.00          Bell. Break ends


12.15          KS1 pupils go to lunch


12.30          KS2 pupils go to lunch (two sittings)


1.30            Bell. Lunch ends for all pupils


2.40            Bell. Afternoon break starts


2.55            Bell. Afternoon break ends


3.30            End of school for pupils. (Reception pupils may leave at 3.20)