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Gifted and Talented

We believe that all children are entitled to an education that will enable them to develop their full potential.


All pupils have individual needs which puts personalised learning at the heart of teaching and learning.


All Saints’ Thurlestone CofE Academy is committed to providing a sufficiently challenging curriculum for all its pupils. In addition, we will provide opportunities to identify and in turn, nurture those who are Gifted & Talented.



Definition of Gifted and Talented:


Gifted and talented pupils are those considered by educational systems to have a particular talent in specific areas and gifted pupils will be identified by the class teacher, through teacher assessment.



Some or all of the following will be used to support Gifted and Talented pupils:


• Differentiated planning – stimulus, resources, tasks, outcome, response

• Providing appropriate challenge – high-quality tasks for enrichment and extension.

• These will develop from the themes being studied by the whole class

• Ability grouping for Literacy and Numeracy

• Varied and flexible grouping when necessary e.g. ability, mixed ability, individual, acceleration

• Appropriate pace identified in planning

• Lesson planning that caters for different learning styles

• Setting appropriate targets for reading, writing and maths

• Setting appropriate homework tasks when relevant

• Development of thinking skills

• Fostering creativity within appropriate challenges

• Supporting liaison beyond the school e.g. music tuition, sports coaches etc

• Seeking enrichment opportunities both within and outside of schools

The strategies used will be reviewed regularly and will vary according to the needs of the pupils.