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Family Groups


As part of our Ethos and Values work we launched a family groups system in 2011. Children are grouped into five families across the school. Siblings will be in a family group with each other along with other children from all the classes. Our five families are currently known as The Blue Family, The Red Family, The Black Family, The Yellow Family and the Green Family. These names were given during the Olympic year when the idea was launched, reinforcing the idea of being part of our global community.


The aim of these family groups is to encourage and develop the sense of family and community across the school. This is achieved through regular afternoon sessions for each family group to have the opportunity to learn together, often through art, sport or music activities. Older children are given the opportunity to help those in reception and younger children can experience a positive learning role model from seeing the older children in a classroom setting.


We also have family group meals every term. The whole school sits down to lunch together, with the children sitting in their family groups. These are great events with a real buzz of enjoyment and family feel.


These family groups are also used as an integral part of our rewards system, with children receive well done cards for their family. These are totalled each week, with one family winning a special treat afternoon each half term. The family groups are also used as teams on sports day, further embedding the idea of community and family togetherness.